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A company dedicated to your success 

In a nutshell

Carbon and Graphics Supplies cc is "Proudly made in South Africa" and serve the local market with dedication.

The company specialises in the manufacture and supply of all carbon and graphite products for industry. We pride ourselves on our satisfied customers - a product of our flawless track record and many years of doing the right thing.


What carbon and graphite products?

We specialise in the manufacture and supply of most composite and non composite carbon and graphite products such as graphite moulds, mechanical seals, carbon brushes, brush holders, brush gear assemblies, split bushes and vacuum furnaces.

We are able to supply off-the-shelve products, and are also well equipped to manufacture tailored solutions for the unique needs of you business.


Our commitment

The company is fully committed to its customer's total satisfaction with regards to quality, delivery time and price. We currently offer the best in all three categories throughout the industry.

All our valued customers are willing and ready to confirm the above. If you are not entirely convinced, please feel free to ask us for references.



Getting a quotation is as simple as filling out the online form, or contacting us using the information on the contact page.


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